With the broader objective of incubation of commercially viable innovative technologies from the grassroots innovators and school students.

Enterprise based on innovative technologies are given a platform of incubation by involving experts from different area

NIFientreC undertakes the following activities.

  • Identification of innovative technologies and startups based on innovative technological ideas and innovations
  • Shortlisting of potential enterprises to be incubated
  • Incubation in terms of validation, value addition , IPR protection , etc
  • Branding of the innovative products and identifying target regions/user groups
  • Trials of the technologies in target region / user group
  • Assessment of feedback of people who would participate in pivot launch/trials
  • Seeking expert suggestions for value addition in technology or service of the enterprise as per the need
  • Launch of the innovative products by the enterprise
  • Workshops of entrepreneurs and seminars by the eminent personalities
  • Training program for entrepreneurs