Date: 25  & 26 April, 2024

Venue: MSME Tower, Ahmedabad

The “Intellectual Property Summit” is a comprehensive two-day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), aimed at fostering awareness and guiding entrepreneurs on IP creation, protection, and commercialisation. The Workshop  featured keynote sessions and panel discussions led by esteem experts, providing invaluable insights into the significance of IPR in today’s dynamic business environment. 

105 participants including 20 Grassroots Innovators from fifteen states, students, Startups, MSME and Entrepreneurs participated in the workshop. During the two day workshop interactive sessions on various topic such as Demystifying IPR, Innovation & IPR Importance and impact, Patent, GI, Design Registration, Patent Drafting, Trademarks, Enforcements of IP laws were organised. 

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