Innovator : Ratan Lal Yadav (Ajmer, Rajasthan)

Company : Sarswati Utsav Agro Engineering Workshop

Weeds are typically removed and collected from crop fields by hand, which is the most exhausting and time-consuming task. To address this issue, innovator think about developing some implements, which could be attached to tractors and remove weeds easily. He developed a tractor-mounted weeder after many years of hard work. This multi-row rotary weeder is made up of a series of cutting blades that penetrate the soil and remove weeds from crop rows. In this weeder, an ‘I’ shaped blade is used at an angle to the drum to easily remove weeds while elevating and pulverizing the soil. The width of the inter-row rotary weeder can be adjusted to accommodate crop row spacing. This weeder was used for weeding in crop rows such as cotton, paddy, pulses, tomato, and sugarcane. This weeder is suitable for both line sowing with seed drills and broadcast scattered sowing.