Innovator : Kishan lal Suthar,
Bikaner, Rajasthan

Company : Vishwakarma Workshop

The machine is very useful for decorticating the wet as well as dry groundnut pods. The machine performs two functions i.e. decorticating the groundnut pods and grading the nuts simultaneously. The tractor-operated groundnut decorticator machine is divided into two parts i.e. Decorticating and grading unit and Large sized peanut separating unit. Groundnut pods are fed into the machine through the hopper, after which they come into the conveyor, where it is rotating. The decorticating action takes place when the groundnut gets entrapped in between the cylinder and concave. The shells and nuts thus fall out of the concave. By supplying a sufficient air current with the help of a Fan, the shells are blown away through an outlet mounted at the backside of the machine. The decorticated groundnut is collected by gravity at the upper sieve/ screen. Two different-sized sieves /screens are used in the machine. Due to the reciprocating action of the sieves, pods are separated from small and big-sized nuts and collected through the respective outlet.