Innovator : Dipak Sardar,
Parganas, West Bengal

Company : Dipak Sardar

Innovator uncle was involved in the export business of flowers made of sola wood (pith plant / laugauni). At the start of the process, sola wood is turned into paper-like sheets by cutting the wood manually. Then the flower is made from that paper. As the paper is handmade, there remains some unevenness. In order to make it even, he wanted a machine. Additionally, if the sheet is made with machines, more laborers can get involved in flower-making work, which is a job of higher payment. It will also support the business of sola wood flowers by making the amount of production constant, as now in some seasons it becomes tuff to find laborers for such low-paid jobs. So the innovator came up with the solution and developed this machine to ease the process.