Innovator : Afzal Shaikh (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Company : S A Enterprises

Sanitary napkin, a universally needed product, has very low penetration in India and other developing countries, partly due to its high price and partly due to the tradition of using cheaper but unhygienic old cloth piece. A lack of awareness and economic inability for adopting better precautions like use of good sanitary napkins during menstruation period leads to becoming susceptible to infections. Usually, different varieties of sanitary napkins are found available in the market but they are very expensive and are not affordable for rural & under-privileged women and girls. The innovator provides a range of products / machines such asPulverizer, Napkin Press Machine, Napkin Sealing Machine, Gumming Set, &UV Treated Sterilizer, which enables production of easily affordable sanitary napkins and also an avenue of income for rural population by producing napkins using these machines and selling them.