Innovator : Ramlakhan Suthar,
Churu, Rajasthan

Company : Ayyapan Agrotech

The innovator saw the significant percentage of nuts remaining in a field while using blades of digging groundnut so he wished to develop a groundnut digger which could reduce a loss. The machine is tractor mounted, PTO powered groundnut digger which is lighter with better weight distribution. The digger can be fitted with standard 540rpm PTO. The main rotor which digs the land rotates at a speed of 500rpm, while the secondary rotor shaft rotates at 250rpm in the opposite direction. The other performance parameters of digger are as follows: Cutting Width: ~5 feet, Working Depth: 4Inc, Field Capacity: 1 bigha per 2 -2.5hr, Fuel consumption: 2 -2.5 Lit per hr. Minimum 35hp tractor required for operation, with negligible extra maintenance cost.