Six Axis Rotating Head Golden Embossing Machine
Innovator: Mr. Ravindra Chopade
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Generally, thesis, project report, & cover page of research reports are printed with embossed letters, mostly in golden ink. The conventional letter press technology is tedious and time consuming, as it involves properlyplacing letters in the dye and then heated dye is to be pressed onrexine, leather, or paper with golden foil placed on them. Innovator has developed a six axis rotating head machine which embosses the letters with golden film on the rexine sheet provided replacing the tedious process of manual embossing. The machine can be operated with simple coded commands from a computer. There is a heater fixed on top of the machine which then enables the embossing after the command is received.

Cow Dung Collecting Machine
Innovator: Mr. Mohan Muktaji Lamb
Beed, Maharashtra

During a visit to a dairy farm, innovator observed the hesitation of labors in picking and collecting cow dung with their hands. And with further interactions with the dairy farmers, he became aware that there is always a shortage of manpower due to the nature of work involved. The innovatorresolved to work on developing a machine that solves these challenges of a dairy farm. And this Cow Dung Collecting Machine was developed which can pick and collect cow dung without any physical contact.

Automatic Weft Winding Machine
Innovator: Mr.  Ram Prasad Meher
Bargarh, Orissa

Innovator’s father, a weaver, used to make bundles of thread for dyeing or for making different designs. The process of making such bundle was time consuming and less efficient, wherein two tree trunks were used and a person had to walk around thetrunks making an elliptical shape for winding the thread bundle. To make this process efficient, the innovator started designing a machine that could do winding and spinning work at faster rate.After trial & errors and hard work of 2 months, he came up with a prototype that can wind cotton, automatically.The machine has a drum over which weft winding work is done,getting power from a 0.25 hp electric motor. The innovator has made a special component, which rotates periodicallyfeeding the threads in both forward and reverse movement.

Modified fixture of dozer blade with tractor
Innovator: Mr.  Madan Lal Kumawat
Sikar, Rajasthan

The innovator owns an agricultural machinery repairing and manufacturing workshop.  He observed that the dozer equipment, available in market, for tractors reduces the maneuverability of tractor and leads to frequently break down of chassis due to improper load distribution. Also, in order to repair clutch plate, which wears down faster due to dozing operation, whole dozer unit needs to be removed. To overcome these issues, innovator came up with a modified design of fixture/frame of the dozer in tractors, which resulted in easy repairs, transportation, and maneuverability, and is cost effective compared to other dozer equipment available in market.

Low Cost Sanitary Napkin Making Machine
Innovator: Mr. Shaikh Afzal
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sanitary napkin, a universally needed product, has very low penetration in India and other developing countries, partly due to its high price and partly due to the tradition of using cheaper but unhygienic old cloth piece. A lack of awareness and economic inability for adopting better precautions like use of good sanitary napkins during menstruation period leads to becoming susceptible to infections. Usually, different varieties of sanitary napkins are found available in the market but they are very expensive and are not affordable for rural & under-privileged women and girls. The innovator provides a range of products / machines such asPulverizer, Napkin Press Machine, Napkin Sealing Machine, Gumming Set, &UV Treated Sterilizer, which enables production of easily affordable sanitary napkins and also an avenue of income for rural population by producing napkins using these machines and selling them.

Tamarind deseeder and multi seed decorticator
Entrepreneur: Keshab Chandra Jena
Jeypore, Odisha

The entrepreneur provides de-seeding machines to fruit producers and processors. The machines reduces labour requirement and improves consistency in the output.

A tamarind seed-separating machine has been fabricated to separate seeds out of tamarind fruit. The machine works by subjecting tamarind with rubbing force that opens the tamarind fruit and pushes out seeds into a seed separation unit. After deseeding, seeds & fruit pulp are collected separately through their respective outlets with the help of sieving plates.

Decorticating is the removal of outer seed coat namely hull/ from the seed. Generally, it is being done before the oil extraction. The machinedeveloped is mainly for decorticating Mahua seeds. One of the most tedious operations in processing of Mahua fruit is the decortications operation. This machine is semi-automatic as it needs manual feeding. It can also be used to decorticate the seeds of Harida, Bahada, and Ritha.The decorticating efficiency of the machine is recorded as 100 % (Ritha), 98.85 % (Bahada) and 100% (Harida).

Paddy straw cutter for mushroom bed preparation
Entrepreneur: Keshab Chandra Jena
Dhenkanal, Odisha

Mushroom bed structure and shape has a vital impact on the output of the farming. The size of the bed can enhance the quality of mushroom and quantity as well. Fresh, disease free paddy straw is the ideal substrate. 10-15 kg paddy straw is necessary for preparing one bed. Now a days, mushroom cultivation is done inside plastic film houses maintaining temperature of 25 -35 ° C and relative humidity of 75-80 %. But to prepare a mushroom bed, strawneeds to be cut about 1m in length and 0.75 m in breadth with deal wood flanks and keeping it over a support by arranging bricks on all four corners. Cutting of straw with exact width and length is a tough task and is generally carried out manually with manual straw cutter, which is quite time taking and requires more than two workers for the same. The paddy straw cutter machine removes the human effort and time. Itis operated with electricity and cuts comparatively more number of paddy straw bundles per unit time and with a safer operational method.

Tractor Operated Paddy Transplanter
Innovator: Mr Shyambir Singh and Mr Ved Prakash
Palwal, Haryana

The paddy transplanter is operated by a tractor of 40 hp or more and is mounted on a three-point linkage. It has up to 9 transplanting units for transplanting paddy with a provision of changing row to row spacing, with adjustable width and depth of plantation. It has a simple mechanism for picking, indexing and transplanting seedlings using wash-root method of transplanting.

Reciprocating Tea Dryer
Innovator: Mr Durlov Gogoi
Dibrugarh, Assam

The reciprocating tea dryer is also called as a push-pull tea dryer/to-fro tea dryer.Slider crank mechanism is used for the reciprocating motion of the drying trays.The drying capacity of the dryer with14 plates is about 20-30 kg (wet weight) resulting in about 6 kg (dry weight)dried tea leaves in 40 min. The drying temperature can be maintained upto 100° C. Durlov has received positive feedback and has sold five units till now.

Belt system dryer (BSD) or green tea and others
Innovator: Mr Suren Barua
Tinsukia, Assam

Suren’s driercan be used to dry green tea leaves and other edibles like turmeric, paddy, ginger etc. It comprises a heat chamber, a drying chamber, a power source and a transmission system.Items to be dried are put on the belt driven drying trays. The machine can achieve drying temperature of up to 200°C. The three variants available are turbo type, L type and straight type suiting space availability of the users.

Combi Tillage Implement
Innovator: Mr Maharaj Singh Lodhi
Raisen, Madhya Pradesh

The tractor mounted combined tillage (combi tillage) implement does primary tillage operations as well as secondary tillage operation together. It consists of a soil cutting tool (modified plough or cultivator types) and soil clods breaker cum levelling unit (tractor PTO powered auger shaft).The modification includes replacement of bar point share of MB plough by tractor PTO powered auger.

Automatic weft winding machine
M/s Mahatma Gandhi Handloom
Innovator: Prafulla Kumar Meher
Bargarh, Orissa

Prafulla Meher is a weaver and textile machine manufacturer. He used to engage labourers for winding of the cotton thread. This process required two tree trunks for winding operation. He then started working at designing a solutionfor mechanization of this processes and nearly after 6 months hewas able to develop his first prototype, which is a self-propelled machine that facilitates winding of cotton thread for weaving of sarees.

Multi Stripe Weaving Machine
Innovator: P.A Sekar
Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu

Sekar (54) is a traditional weaver having over three decades of experience in weaving. Sekar was a traditional handloom weaver who shifted to power loom weaving to improve productivity. Kannipoduthal (combining the ends) is one of the manually done, labour intensive task in weaving, which consumesa lot of time. In order to eliminate the drudgery involved in this task, he developed a machine to mechanize the process.

Tillage Equipment with Mechanical Sensor
Innovator: Mr. Ghanshyam Bhikaji Jadhav
Nashik, Maharashtra

He had observed the organic farming practices of his neighbours and felt the need of having advanced technologies for intercultural tillage operation. This motivated him to work on developing a low cost and low maintenance multifunctional tillage equipment with mechanical sensor. He developed a Tractor PTO operated multipurpose equipment having attachments like plough, disc harrow, weeder, grass cutter and furrow opener.

Pole climber
Innovator: Mr Nannam Thirupato Rao
Prakasham, Andhra Pradesh

Tirupathi Rao (27) is an electrician by profession. Rao found it difficult to climb electric poles made of cement. Therefore in 2016, he began designing a device to aid in climbing up the electric poles of all types. He successfully developed a prototype after many trials and modifications. The pole climber is made of a 16 mm steel rod, shaped into a square and bent suitably. Two such pieces are used in tandem by the climber.

Tractor Powered Sprayer
Innovator: Mr Gurmeet Singh Bhupal
Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

The tractor mounted combined tillage (combi tillage) implement does primary tillage operations as well as secondary tillage operation together. It consists of a soil cutting tool (modified plough or cultivator types) and soil clods breaker cum levelling unit (tractor PTO powered auger shaft).The modification includes replacement of bar point share of MB plough by tractor PTO powered auger.

Power Operated Passive Weeder
Innovator: Mr. Kadivendi Mahipalchary
Warangal, Telangana

The weeder developed by the innovator is a self-propelled cultivator having passive tillage tool (reversible shovel type with tynes) where the operator needs to walk behind the machine. With an average coverage of 0.4-0.5 acre/h at average fuel consumption 0.5 lit/h, this weeder fills the gap between small tractor and draft animal operated tillage machinery.

Sugarcane Bud Chipper
Innovator: Mr. Roshanlal Vishwakarma
Narsimhapur, Madhya Pradesh

Challenged by an engineer to make a machine that can remove buds from the sugarcane for the plantation purpose to minimize losses as well as time, money and seeds, Roshanlal came up with this implement. By pressing the handle, the unit removes the bud from the node of the sugarcane, which is then used for planting.

Pole Pro
Innovator: Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Dar
Entrepreneur: Avneet Sham Antoorkar
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

It is a small portable device that makes climbing trees/poles simple and easy. What is remarkable about this innovation is that it uses body weight to lock the climbing steps and is very light, low cost and easy to maintain.The tree climbing device consists of a pair of supporting frames for each foot; Velcro based straps for anchoring the foot to each frame, a sturdy strap with locking system to fix around the tree and a flexible safety belt that can be wrapped around the body and the tree.

Automatic Food Making Machine
Innovator: Mr Abhishek Bhagat
Bhagalpur, Bihar

It is an electrically operated automatic food making machine.  It has different boxes for ingredients.  A recipe card is used to select the type and quantity of the dish to be cooked.  The machine automatically takes the required ingredients and cooks the dish. Abhishek is working on digitalizing the food making machine and adding more recipes.

Mitti Cool Refrigerator
Innovator: Mr  Mansukhbhai Prajapati
Rajkot, Gujarat

Mitticool is a natural refrigerator made entirely from clay to store vegetables, fruits and also for cooling water. It provides natural coolness to the stored material without requiring any electricity or any other artificial form of energy. Fruits, vegetables and milk can be stored fresh without deteriorating their quality for 2 to 3 days retaining their original taste.

Compost maker for mushroom cultivation
Innovator: Mr Jitendra Malik
Panipat, Haryana

The machine has several advantages. It can properly turn and mix the compost ensuring that no lumps remain in it. As a result, the incidence of disease (yellow mold) is also less. This machine can add moisture and fungicide as well to control diseases. It can be operated on both hard (pakka like cemented floor) and soft (kachcha like farmer’s field) surface easily.

Tractor Mounted Rotary Weeder
Innovator: Mr Ratanlal Yadav
Ajmer, Rajasthan

This multi-row rotary weeder consists of a set of cutting blades, which penetrate into the soil and remove the weeds in the crop rows. In this weeder, an ‘I’ shaped blade is used at an angle to the drum to remove weeds easily, to elevate and pulverize the soil properly. This weeder can be used for weeding in cotton, paddy, pulses, tomato, sugarcane, etc. as the width of inter-row rotary weeder can be changed according to the crop row spacing.

Compost Aerator
Innovator: Mr Gurmel Singh Dhonsi
Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan

Innovator’s machine is a tractor PTO driven machine, which can thoroughly mix and moisten the bio-waste, reducing the time of decomposition from 3-4 months to 20-45 days. The revolving blades of machines mixes the waste material systematically while as fine water spray is done simultaneously by the attachment fitted with machine.

Tractor Driven Onion Transplanter
Innovator: Pandharinath Sarjerao More
Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra

It is a tractor drawn semi – automatic Onion transplanter. It can perform three functions at a time viz. transplanting the onion, applying the fertilizer and making the irrigation channels. When the tractor moves forward, the star wheel type metering mechanism gets the drive to release the fertilizer in the tubes. The seedlings are delivered manually in the delivery chutes for planting.

Swachhta Cart
Innovator: Mr Sikanto Mandal
Entrepreneur: Gaurav Acharya
Patan, Gujarat

Swachhta cart is a manual waste lifting and dumping machine which tends to mechanize the traditional process of hand picking and dumping of the garbage and solid waste without touching with hands to ensure better efficiency and hygiene for sanitary workers( sweeper, janitors etc.) it supports Professional way of garbage collection with ease and reduce operational time with labour

Bamboo Splint Making Machine
Innovator: Mr Paresh K Panchal
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Bamboo sticks are used in the Agarbatti (incense stick) industry. For processing of bamboo, electricity operated high capacity machines are suitable for industries but not for smaller rural communities who use knife to make strips and sticks. The machine is a set of two devices, one for making bamboo strip and another for incense stick.

Rice Grain Sorting Machine
Innovator: Mr Mohan Sharma
Birbhum, West Bengal

This is wooden hand driven cum motorized rice grain sorting device. Blower fan is provided to perform winnowing operation, which can separate husk from grains. Separate compartments with outlets are given to sort grains in different grades. The device has ability to sort 400 to 450 kg of rice per hour into different grades like clean grains, broken grains, and separate small stones and husk. The fan speed is set to be about 280 rpm.

BamHum  – a bamboo wind musical instrument
Innovator: Mr Moa Subong
Dimapur, Nagaland

Looking like a flute, BamHum is a medium sized bamboo instrument that works when the player hums into the hum hole. Unlike the flute which works when air is blown into the opening, the BamHumworks when the player hums any tune into the hum hole at its side. The simplicity of playing the BamHum is an added advantage, since all it takes for the player is to simply hum any tune.

Eco Friendly Cow Dung Pot For Nursery
Innovator: Gopalbhai Surtia
Entrepreneur: Devang Khambhayta, Paresh Panchal
Vadodara, Gujarat

Innovator developed eco friendly pot by using cow dung and agriculture waste, which is completely biodegradable. The innovation lies in the idea and achieving optimum combination of mixers of cow dung and other natural binders used to make it sturdy and resistant to pest. To streamline and standardize the production process of these cow dung pots, Innovator developed a manually operated cow dung pot making machine.

Walnut Cracker
Innovator: Mushtaq Ahmed Dar
Entrepreneur: Mohd Rafiq Ahanger
Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir

Cracking walnuts manually is a plodding and tedious job with low output (maximum 10 kg/h). Innovator thought of developing a machine that could mechanize this process relieving in drudgery involved of doing it manually for hours. The machine was originally designed to crack walnuts but Mushtaq found it suitable for peeling green walnuts as well.

Herbal Soap
Innovator: Ms Khumujam Jina
Imphal, Manipur

In today’s fast life rejuvenation of skin is much needed. It really helps you relax with Neem, glycerin, Lemon Grass and aloe vera which will give soft and clear skin. Neem protects against infections. Aloe Vera moisturizes skin. Turmeric is a natural healer & improves skin. Lemongrass is an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial herb.

Groundnut Digger and Disc Harrow Seed Drill
Innovator: Mansaram Suthar and Malaram Suthar
Churu, Rajasthan

The digger has a self-made frame, a telescopic propeller shaft, gear box, belt and pulleys for speed reduction, rotary shafts having blades, vibratory sieves, etc. The machine can be fitted with standard 540 rpm PTO. The main rotor which digs the land rotates at a speed of 500 rpm, while the secondary rotor shaft rotates at 250 rpm in opposite direction. It helps in breaking the soil lumps easily and prevents foreign material and lumps to enter towards the main roller.

Soil Scrapper and loader
Innovator: Mr. Kuldeep Singh
Mansa, Punjab

Uneven agricultural land is difficult to sow. Sometimes it also becomes important to remove extra soil, which may have deposited on the surface after rains. Resham Singh and Kuldeep Singh have independently developed machines, which could not only scrap soil and level the land but also fill tractor trailers with the scrapped soil.

Groundnut nut digger with vibration pads
Innovator: Mr Ratnaram Dudhwal

Innovator has modified the groundnut digger by adding a vibration pad/shock absorber spring and two pivoted wheels to its rear. The key driver was a frequent problem of wear and tear and manoeuvrability of commercial tractor operated groundnut digger especially at the corners. He is engaged in the occupation of manufacturing agricultural machinery like plough, harrow, seed drill, groundnut digger, trolley, chaff cutter, tractor operated bull dozer etc.

Turmeric/Ginger Planter
Innovator: Mr. Indrajit Khas
Aurangabad, Maharashtra

This equipment consists of following parts viz. Feeder, metering mechanism, chain drive, bevel gears, rotating discs, adjustable furrow openers etc. It is a tractor mounted turmeric/ginger planter with adjustable row spacing from 4.5 to 5.5 ft. A wheel is provided at the base which can adjust the plant to plant distance, which can be varied from 6 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch.

Chandan (sandalwood) paste making machine
Innovator: Mr. Subhash Vasantrao Jagtap
Jalgaon, Maharashtra

The Sandal wood Paste making machine is an electrically operated motorised rotary grinder. The Sandalwood logs of small size, are placed on the circular shaped grinding stone. The motor rotates the grinding stone over the sandalwood log, a small quantity of water gets added with the result that a smooth Sandalwood paste gets formed.

Cooking Cum Drying Stove
Innovator: Mr Maibam Deben Singh
Bishenpur, Manipur

The stove was designed in accordance to the traditional food preference of Manipur, Nagaland etc. where people dry various items like fish, meat, certain vegetables etc. over the hearth. The dried items get the flavor of smoke. However, with introduction of LPG based stoves, cooking pattern has changed, now people use separate biomass/charcoal dryers. Drying fish/meat over the LPG stove is not preferred as the dried items neither have the flavour nor the taste as in the traditional process.

Onion Harvester
Innovator: Mr. Shrawan Kumar Bajya
Sikar, Rajasthan

The harvester is a set of two machines first for cutting the leaves of onion and then digging and picking them up without causing any damage to the bulbs. While harvesting onion, separation of the leaf/stalk from the bulbs is a tedious task and involves a lot of manpower. If leaf/stalk is not removed properly the onion fetches less price. Also if the onion is picked up along with the leaves, separation of soil from the onion becomes a difficult job.

Bore Well Scanner
Innovator: Mr. Girish Badragond
Bangalore, Karnataka

The bore well scanner is alow cost automated capsule shaped bore scanningdevice, which detects ground water availability, its pressure and temperature. In addition to these features, it also measures inflow/outflow rate and direction of ground water. Borewell scanners are used to ascertain the depth, inflow and outflow of water, kind of water source and the borewell formation (structure and material around the bore)

Tractor operated blowing orchard sprayer
Innovator: Mr. Rajendra Chhabulal Jadhav
Nashik, Maharashtra

This is a blowing sprayer, which can be used in orchard crops with a tractor of 18hp and higher. There are two radial fans mounted on both the sides to ensure effective spraying of pesticides on the orchard crops. It also has provision of rotating blower (fan) along with nozzles to spray pesticides in all directions.

Modified Boiler Based mawa making machine
Innovator: Mr. Subhash Ola
Alwar, Rajasthan

This is a mawa maker where the steam circuit (boiler, kadai, condenser, pipes) has been made as a closed leak proof design resulting in better fuel efficiency and minimal wastage. The used steam is also fed to the boiler alongwith condensate water through gravity. The close circuit design stops leakages, thereby reducing the additional water requirement (reducing from 1ton per hour to few liters per hour).

Multi Tree Climber
Innovator: Mr. D. N. Venkat
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

There are three variants – Coconut Tree Climber, Multi Tree Climber and Tree Walker. Upper frame is operated by hand and lower frame is operated by leg. By up and down movement of upper and lower frame, one can climb on the tree. Multi Tree Climber Equipment is suitable for climbing coconut, palm, teak, and rubber, silver oak & similar trees.

Design Making by Weft Insertion
Innovator: Mr. Deepak Bharali
Kamrup, Assam

Conventionally the task of insertion of weft threads needed to make a variety of design is to be done manually by tying knots , which is tedious , cumbersome and time consuming. The thread is also wasted in the connection between one motif to another. The device developed innovator is consists of three components, base frame, magnet-bearing shaft and specially designed bobbin. These components can be fitted to any handloom jacquard machine.

Solar Mosquito Destroyer
Innovator: Mr. Mathews K Mathew
Kottayam, Kerala

The main specialty of this device is its scientific and eco friendly nature that makes it different from other machines. The strategy used in this machine is making obstructions for the reproduction of Mosquitoes. Hawker indirectly destroys 45000 mosquitoes by simply killing one single female Mosquito. Hawker is the most effective way to combat your existing Mosquito problem without any application of pesticides or chemicals.

Bio-mass gasifier system
Innovator: Mr. Rai Singh Dahiya
Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

The innovator has changed the conventional design of gasifiers specially the filters and cooling units to get clean gas and ensure smooth operation of engine at low operational cost. It is a down draft type bio- mass gasifier, compact and efficient system for converting Bio Mass into producer gas which is used as a fuel in running Diesel Engine by making little modification on engine.

Natural Water Cooler
Innovator: Mr. Arvindbhai Patel
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The cooler is useful for supplying cool drinking water in hot summer, particularly in areas where electricity is absent or erratic. It is suitable for schools, banks, hospitals, bus and railway stations and similar such places. Initially, Arvindbhai manufactured his water cooler in three different capacities of 5, 10 and 20 litres.

The Multipurpose Processing Machine
Innovator: Mr. Dharamveer Kamboj
Yamunanagar, Haryana

Multi Purpose Processing machine is a portable machine, which works on a single phase motor and is useful in processing of various fruits, herbs and seeds. It also works as big pressure cooker with temperature control and auto cut-off facility. It also offers condensation mechanism, which helps in extraction of essence and extracts from flowers and medicinal plants.

Herbal Toys
Innovator: Mr. C V Raju
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

To strengthen the traditional local knowledge of making vegetative dyes innovator has developed new tools & techniques for increasing shelf life of the dyes. Raju’s experiments have resulted in many new woodware with imparted with vegetable dyes for which market is slowly emerging in India and abroad.